These 10 Amazing Wood Carving Wall Art made by hand by Vietnamese Artist will give you an idea for decorating your home with Wooden art.

1. Bamboo Forest.

The first Wood Sculpture panels i want to show you is an art about bamboo tree:


 It took the wood sculptors 6 month to make. The whole piece was carved out of a large piece of wood.

Every small and intricate detail is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. From each bamboo leaf to every branch, delicate care is taken to ensure precision. The birds are carved to be sharp and lifelike, as if they are soaring amidst the bamboo and insects. All the pieces are impressively hand-carved, highlighting the true value of craftsmanship that elevates this work of art



2. Four Seasons.

Images of bird trees gathered in charming natural scenery. The flaming flock flew back on the big branches. Plum blossom blooms like spring is passionate, towers far away to the horizon. The scenery of the mountains and river is peaceful and magnificent .



With lots of complicated details. The woodwork requires the craftmen to be very meticulous and focused in the process of manufacturing.

Besides highly qualified skills, talented hands are a pair of crystal eyes. And so on, the wooden block has formed a masterpiece of the landscape of the mountains and rivers.

3. The Trip to Anam.


The Wood Carving Wall art made from Mahogant, Illustrated a Western ship that has just arrived at the ancient Vietnam port. 

Hanging the wooden painting in the living room space or on the luxurious walls will add vitality and art to your home 

4. Pieceful Harbor. 

Wooden paintings of a Ship glide smoothly on the wind, crafted by artisans with unique and innovative techniques that converge all the elements of extremely creative fine art. The workers always work hard to produce the most beautiful and polished wooden paintings


 5. Lavang Mother.


The art concept was designed by 2 Vietnemse sisters artist and they gave it to Woodart Vietnam. The artist teamed up to sculpt the wooden wall art for 7 months.

6. Couple of Deer.



Couple of Deer sculpture art represents the real love and warm affection.

7. Rose.


The process of sculpting Rose is simple. Artist gets a woodblock and draw on it and cuts out the unneeded space. Then, his other tools come into play, such as small tools, like chisels, to carve out the details. 

At the end of the process, they use sand paper to make the art smooth and then varnish it.


8. Four Seasons


 9. Coming Home.


 in acient time, when poinsettia pass exam, they come back home to honor to pay homage to the ancestors.

10. Acient Time - Art Wood Carving.


The carving features a stunning scenary of a palace. The artist attach the light inside the wooden painting to make the wood art more gorgeus.

How the Artist carved the whole piece of Wall Art wood carving:

These are just a few examples of some of the top wood carvings wall art made by Vietnamese carvers. Wood sculpture is a timeless art that continues to inspire and amaze people all over the world.

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