Wood carving is a timeless art form that has been practiced for centuries by artisans all over the world. From traditional hand carving style, Woodart Vietnam has been combining with modern style like Anime, Marvel, DC comics characters,...to create these amazing wooden statues that attracted million views on Youtube.


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Here are the top 10 most viewed Wood sculpture  videos on YouTube that showcase the beauty and skill of this craft from Woodart Vietnam:

1. How to Carve Luffy Gear 4 out of Wood - 7,6m Views:


 The New King of Pirates, took us 20 days to carve out of wood. the most difficult part while making the statue is the face. we have to make the face really cool to show the spirit of Luffy. 


2. Nezuko - Wood Carving statue from Demon Slayer - 8,2M Views:


The Nezuko Wood sculpture is the very first Female Anime design we sculpture. The hardest thing is to carve out the hair, with very thin strands of hair that easy to be broken. So we have to take care of it seriously.

3. Zenitsu - 8,5M Views:


We Carved Zenitsu from Jack Fruit wood with its yellow color seems match the Zenitsu color. Then the artist uses red wood to make the base with the old tree where Zenitsu standing on and showing his full power. Techicai Sitan wood for the flying stone. He also attached a light inside the Moon, and put it on the top of the tree. Total time of making Zenitsu - Demon slayer is about 25 days.

4. Godzilla vs Kong - 8,5M Views:


 In the making Process, we used chainsaw to carve the shape of the statue, then we uses chisel to make the details. 

5.WhiteBeard - One Piece art - 11M Views:



6. Carving Majin Vegeta - Dragon Ball wooden statue - 13 million views:


This Wooden statue is the very first Anime art we carved. A Young craftman used 3 types of wood, with different natural color to build the statue, Red wood and Jack fruit Wood to make the fire, Mahogany wood to make the body of Majin Vegeta.


7. Founding Titan - Attack on Titan - 14M Views:



The making video show how we carved the statue:

8. Venom - 20M Views:


9. Lord Warrior Fighting Dragon - 20M views:



The Wood Artist use Chainsaw to carve out the big block of tree. It takes our team 6 months to carving this huge wooden statue of Gran Lord Leon Fighting against Ismael Dragon Diorama. it's such a epic scene in the game Gran Saga.

We cooperated with Npixel - the owner of the game to sculpture this Woodart.


10. Wood Carving - Hulk vs Wolverine - 21 million Views:

 This wood sculpture took us 30 days to carve from a piece of wood. It is one of the most difficult pose to sculpture, but our artist somehow manage to create an awesome wooden diorama. 

These top 10 wood carving videos on our YouTube Channel showcase the beauty and versatility of wood craft, and are sure to inspire beginners and experienced carvers alike.

Which Woodart do you like the most? and don't forget to check my youtube channel WOODART VIETNAM to see more making videos.