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Woodart Vietnam is a Wood Carving studio , located in Cam Phu, a small village near Hoi An Accient town.

Our Mission

Woodart Vietnam is a mission. A mission to bring Vietnamese traditional wood art to the world. Woodart Vietnam commits to breaking the erroneous conception that the art of wood is behind the time and only suitable for elders.

Duy with his hand-carvings: Goku, Iron Man, Vegeta, Luffy,




Our Founders

Woodart Vietnam was founded by two friends called Duy and C√©line. Even though they have been friends for such a long time, both have never thought one day they would become ‚Äúbusiness partners‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†

About Duy

Duy, Founder and Wood Artist of Woodart Vietnam, is a 22 young man. His family has been involved in wood art over many decades. His father, Mr. Thu Tran, is known as one of the greatest masters of Vietnamese sculpture and a promoter of the modernization of the wood art.
Aulac sculpture
The artists in Duy’s Atelier
However, in the carving class of his village, Duy was labeled the worst student. His teacher was hopeless toward him and said that he would never be able to carve even the simplest thing. Back then, Duy did not doubt that assumption and even more, he wondered if he was the descendant of the family. 

‚ÄúThere are so many internal conflicts over me, I know I have to do something but the voice inside tells me that I‚Äôm useless, that I can‚Äôt do anything. I was too stress that every single second passed makes me want to give up immediately‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Duy shared.
That’s why he went to the University of Art in Hue. But after several months, he quitted. He knew that he had to quit because his soul belongs to the atelier that he had spent all of his childhood with. Furthermore, at that moment, his family was struggling with a really hard time.

About Céline

Céline, the CEO, likes being called by the name Céline because she loves traveling and making friends with new people around the world. 
DWoodar Studio founder
Céline in Chateau de Versaille
To people who have ever sent a message to Woodart Vietnam in French, she is pretty familiar. Celine speaks not only Vietnamese but also English and French as she studied in France and always be interested in languages.  Unlike Duy, Céline is not good at Art even though she admires it. Her major in university was Economics because she is better at financial statements and quantitative approaches. Furthermore, from a very young age, she has already a dream to bring Vietnamese culture to show her friends around the world.
Dwoodart Studio Founder and Figure
Céline loves visiting Duy’s Atelier whenever she has time
That was why Céline and Duy have met.

Our Studio

Duy came back home with the responsibility to innovate his family’s atelier to help it catch up with the modern development. Different from other fields, Art is uneasy to do commerce as well as it is hard to change to adapt to internet trends. Besides, Duy has never completed any carving before and he was afraid that his skill would never be qualified.  Did not know what to do, he spent days after days in the atelier and tried to find a solution. Then he came up with this.

Mini Goku ‚Äď Duy‚Äôs very first hand-carved figure

Hopeless and stressful, Duy did the mini Goku for fun but it turned out to be clickbait on his Facebook. Back then, he just wanted to do something ‚Äúchildish‚ÄĚ to relax because the anime world always brought to him inspiration. However, he didn‚Äôt think those figures could ever be sold.¬†Many friends encouraged him to make more anime figures because that was what he loves and also his strength. One of those friends was C√©line.¬†With the help of C√©line, Duy published his works on Youtube and Facebook. More popular he was, more progress he put on the carvings. You could barely imagine how many hours he has spent on practicing and learning from other Artists in the atelier. Progressively, he became more skillful and even more than that, he was totally into making those anime figures.¬†Unexpectedly, he got some orders.¬†¬†Witnessing all the journey, C√©line evaluated what Duy has done was potentially scalable. Therefore, she told him her idea and since then, DWoodart Studio was founded.¬†However, there was a real conflict between their points of view.


Our Responsibilities

To Duy, wood art, however, is an art. Therefore, each figure must qualify anatomical standards which means the artist could take as much time as he/she wants to complete a figure. Unlike Duy, what Céline put on the priority is the discipline and professionalism toward clients. She wanted every order to arrive on time, in the best condition according to the export standard. Both had their reasoning. Thus, a commitment between these young guns was made. 


They commit not to put any pressure on artists but still give them a deadline to deliver the carving on time. In other words, a hand-carving can be finished on time or earlier, but never after the deadline.¬†¬†ToWoodart Vietnam‚Äės team, the satisfaction of clients is always a priority.¬†¬†However, no hand-carved figure could ever be alike to others. Woodart Vietnam makes everything manually and each artist will have different senses for art. Therefore, the studio will not guarantee that the sculpture will be 100% similar to the product sample.¬†But don‚Äôt you worry, the whole team tried and are trying day by day to improve their skills to make sure that your order won‚Äôt be different for more than 2% compared to the on-website photos.¬†Besides, Woodart Vietnam confirms that the material used is fully authorized by the government. Furthermore, they also assure the duty of environmental issues and other social responsibilities.¬†

Our Gratitude

Last but not least, on behalf of Woodart Vietnam , thank you for reading until now. Woodart Vietnam’s team really appreciates your time and attention. Whether you made a purchase or not, we hope you enjoy visiting our website as much as we enjoyed creating it. We plan to add more information and features, so welcome your suggestions and feedback.






if you have a chance to visit Hoi An, Vietnam, you can come to our Wood Carving art space to take a look and immerse yourself into the real spirit of Vietnamese traditional art.

Our address:¬†GŠĽó NghŠĽá ThuŠļ≠t √āU LŠļ†C - 389 - 610b, Cam Phu 2 , Dien Phong, Dien Ban -Quang Nam Province, Vietnam - 15km from Hoi an Accient town

Location:      https://maps.app.goo.gl/wiPcERBszkUufYEX9?g_st=ic

Contact: +84 911300815 

Email: artist@woodartvietnam.com

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